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Now that the environmental protection situation is severe, many steel casting manufacturers are facing small production stoppages. Because of the pollution of the foundries, the air index is also high. In the face of such a situation, what should the steel casting manufacturers do?

(1) At present, many manufacturers in the foundry industry are gradually transforming to green production:

1. Recycle the available resources, so that the waste can be re-added to the production process and realize its own use value.

2. Clean production should be based on scientific management and related technologies to formulate measures. To achieve clean production, it is necessary to start from the process, equipment should be updated in time, old equipment should be eliminated, and new environmental protection equipment should be used to put into production.

3. Manufacturers with processing strength generally use green marketing, and they also need to conceive in the development stage, focusing on the re-development and utilization of raw materials and the disposal of waste. At the same time, manufacturers should also use recyclable outer packaging to avoid resources. of waste.

4. Steel casting manufacturers should also closely follow international standards, and designate a new environmental management model, establish an environmental management system that meets international standards, and integrate the concept of green management into management.

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